FF x SL – Blue Slush .5g Cured Cartridge


“As a heavy Indica cross of Sherbet and Gelato, Blue Slush is an incredibly sticky crowd pleaser that provides a thick blanket of haze certain to tuck you and your friends into the couch for a long relaxing chill sesh. Bring enough Slush to share and tell your crew to bring the chips.Blue Slush is a combo of Blue Cookies and Sunset Sherbert. Blue Slush causes a powerful punch with soaring cerebral effects and powerful physical relaxation. Expect exotic flavours, amazing colours and fantastic end product.”


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Buy Friendlyfarms carts “Melon Brainz cannabis seeds from Terp Hogz is a new strain from the seed company behind the famous Zkittlez strain that continues to dominate elite cannabis breeding in the USA. Just like Terp Hogz other Zkittlez-based creations, this strain leaves you in no doubt who the breeder is with its pronounced.  Fruity terps and over-the-top resin production. Melon Brainz cannabis seeds have an approximate flowering time of 60 days and are sold in packs of 10 regular seeds. Expect a sweet, fruity zing like fresh cut pineapples backed by the familiar Zkittlez power that we all know and love.

However, Zkittlez is already certain of its place in any cannabis hall of fame. Such is the impact that the strain’s arrival has upon the counter culture community. Zkittles has an air of mystery about its origins – there are two declared parent strains in Grape Ape and Grapefuit, but there is a third, undisclosed contributor to these genetics that is simply listed as “unknown strain”. Whatever that secret ingredient is, it has guided Zkittlez to numerous industry awards and propelled breeders, Terp Hogz to the very forefront of elite US cannabis genetics. Friendlyfarms carts.


Leafwerx has some of the most on-point branding in the business. The package for this G13 Cured Resin cartridge by Leafwerx is cute, compact, and packed full of helpful information. Each package is color-coded and given a mood to help consumers choose what’s right for them. Furthermore this cartridge is purple for chill (indica) as the package helpfully explains. The package also explains that the cannabis comes from a single source and is grown by Leafwerx. The package explains that we make using no pesticides, heavy metals, botanical terpenes, cutting agents, or additives. Clean cannabis only!



The G13 Cured Resin cartridge by Leafwerx is sturdy also, it’s apparent as soon as the package is open. Nevertheless the materials used to make the cartridge appear to be of high quality. The concentrate itself is a nice honey-amber color. Seeing as it’s a cartridge. No scent was evident and texture was standard for a cartridge. The real test comes attached to a battery! Friendlyfarms carts.




Holy cannoli! I truly did not know that a cartridge could taste this good. The classic indica strain shows off its full glory in this terpene-rich extract. This G13 Cure Resin cartridge by Leafwerx has an earthy, herbal. Lemon-pepper flavor and aroma when puffed upon. It managed to pack much more intense flavor than flower, and since it’s vaped. None of the gross flavors of smoke creeps in. The high is intense and delivers on the promise of chilling. Definitely suits for nighttime use or just generally relaxing. If you’re someone looking for a perky sativa, look elsewhere. But if you’re looking for something that will help ease worries, pains, and help you stay calm and carry on, this G13 Cured Resin cartridge by Leafwerx is it!


also, it’s truly hard to imagine a better cartridge for the price point. This G13 Cured Resin cartridge by Leafwerx is clean, tastes fantastic, hits fantastic, and delivers the promised relaxing high.


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